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Watch tutorial on logging in to the ETV system for the first time.

All new accounts are created by your regional Independent Living Specialist (ILS) who confirm eligibility for participation.  Please contact your ILS directly for support. 

If you don’t know the ILS who can assist you, please visit the Georgia Independent Living Program website, also known as Georgia-RYSE OR look at our ILS by county list.

At Georgia-RYSE, scroll down toward the bottom of the page to “Locate a Specialist” and find your legal county.  Your legal county is the county you first entered foster care.  Once you find your Independent Living Specialist, please contact them for further assistance.  If you are not sure which county you enter foster in or your county is not listed, contact us here.

Please allow 3 business days for your ILS to respond.  If you still have not heard from them, contact us here.  

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