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About ETV forms - types, information needed

Reminder - You should always read documents in their entirety before signing anything. If you do not understand something, ask someone you trust for clarification. Never sign a form you have not read or do not understand.

Forms you must complete:

  • Application – You must complete an application every year to receive ETV funds.  Georgia ETV must have this an updated application in order for the student to receive funds.  On the application, you will provide demographic information, contact information, and school information
  • Educational Agreement – This agreement outlines criteria you must follow to receive and keep ETV funding.  You must confirm your recognition and agreement to each statement and sign the bottom of the form
  • FERPA – FERPA stands for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (  Signing this form may allow ETV to contact your school regarding 
    1. Academic information (i.e. grades/GPA, registration, academic progress, enrollment status)
    2. Financial Aid information (i.e. awards, application data, disbursements)
    3. Student Account information (i.e. billing statements, charges, collection activity 
  • Surveys – Surveys are used to collect information about how students are doing while in school as well as how ETV is doing.  There is a financial incentive to completing surveys. For more information on surveys view “Why do I need to Complete Surveys”

External information you must submit:

  • FAFSA – At the beginning of year school year, you must submit your most current version of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA;  
  • Transcripts and grades – At the end of every semester, you must submit your grades for that semester.  Georgia ETV must have all grades for each semester that you are enrolled in school so that your eligibility to receive ETV funds can be determined.  You must remain in good standing, or will be placed on probation or lose access to ETV completely.
  • Schedule – You must be a full or part time student to receive ETV funds.  Georgia ETV use your schedule to verify this information. 
  • Invoice – To receive funds from ETV, Georgia ETV must have an invoice from the school listing the amount you owe that reflects financial aid has been applied.