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Embark News Campaign 13


This update provides links to articles and resources such as "Foster Care Youth Transitions: A study of California foster youth," highlights from the 2013 National Convening on Foster Youth and Higher Education, legislative changes in California regarding priority registration measures, and a link to an article on Melissa Carter's lecture at the University of Georgia.

Embark News Campaign 12


This update gives information about two up-coming webinars: "Salient Factors Related to Post-Secondary Retention and the Value of a College Degree for Foster Care Alumni," and "Information is Power: Using Data to Inform Campus Support Program Design."

Embark News Campaign 11


This update highlights the "Transitioning out of Foster Care" video from the DFCS Teens R 4 Me Conference

Embark News Campaign 10


This update highlights how Embark can help to serve institutions and organizations, provides a link to an "Information Cheat Sheet," and gives a reminder of Melissa Carter's lecture at UGA.

Embark News Campaign 9


This update provdes information about a new scholarship for homeless youth from Kennesaw State University, and annouces that Embark will deliver breakout sessions at the College Connections for Student Success Conference.

Embark News Campaign 8


This update provides information about upcoming webinar discussing post secondary retention for foster care alumni, provides registration information for a series of trainings for nonprofit leaders by JW Fanning Institute for Leadership Development, details summer internship opportunities through The Foster Club, and gives a reminder of podcasts from National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (NAEHCY) on youth experiencing homelessness.  

Embark News Campaign 7


This update provides an article regarding President Obama's speech about improving college access, another article discussing changing the framework for higher education, highlights MAAC's exemplary program stats, and gives a reminder to listen to the  National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (NAEHCY) podcast.  

Embark News Campaign 6


This update announces and thanks the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta for their sponsorship of Embark, announces the podcasts from National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (NAEHCY) series for youth experiencing homelessness, provides an article discussing Georgia privatizing foster care, provides tips from Foster Success Michigan, and gives a reminder to register for the College Connection for Student Success Conference.

Embark News Campaign 5


This update provides resources for the upcoming holiday, and gives a reminder to sign up for the College Connections for Student Success Conference.  

Embark News Campaign 4


This update provides an article highlighting the barriers experienced in accessing and succeeding in college as an alumni of care, and provides a link to the save the date announcement College Access Challenge Grant leadership team at the University System office.

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