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Embark Georgia Newsletter 40


Embark Georgia home for the holidays information...

Upcoming Webinars: Is the Wait Over? Details on Homeless Children and Youth in ESEA Reauthorization



Upcoming Webinars: Is the Wait Over? Details on Homeless Children and Youth in ESEA Reauthorization


Barbara Duffield, Director of Policy and Programs, NAEHCY

Patricia Julianelle, Director of State Projects and Legal Affairs, NAEHCY

Embark News Campaign 39


This update profiles Columbus State University, the California College Pathways October 2015 Report on foster care youth attending colleges and universities in California, and an article highlighting California Community College Chancellor, Brice Harris' 15 million dollar program to help foster youth complete their college degrees.

Embark Georgia 2015-2016 Regional Meetings


Why should you attend a regional meeting?

Are you working in Georgia and have an interest in supporting students with foster care and/or homeless experience?   Do you want to learn what your peers are doing to support these youth?  Embark Georgia regional meetings are designed to bring key partners together in order to share ideas and build relationships to enhance the educational opportunities for young people who have experienced foster care and/or homelessness.


New research on supporting foster youth college success through data


California College Pathways is pleased to announce the publication of a new landmark study, Charting the Course: Using Data to Support Foster Youth College Success. This report offers new insights into the educational experiences of foster youth attending community colleges and universities throughout the state by providing information on a common set of academic progress and outcome measures.

Embark News Campaign 38


This update includes news out of South Georgia State College and articles and information on FAFSA reform.

Embark News Campaign 37


This update includes information on subsequent year homeless status verification according to NAEHCY, in addition to several articles on college access for young people experiencing foster care and homelessness.

NAEHCY Webinar on Subsequent Year Determinations


This session will discuss the growing need of identifying and supporting unaccompanied homeless youth in college. The session will include an overview of the McKinney-Vento Act, College Cost Reduction and Access Act, as well as the recent GEN-Ed 15-16 Dear Colleague Letter clarifying the role of Financial Administrators when making homeless status determinations. Resources and best practices to support homeless students will be shared.  Webinar begins on August 31, 2015 at 3PM.  


Embark News Campaign 36


Campaign 36 covers new homeless subsequent year determination information, a new report from the Lumina Foundation and several news items for upcoming webinars.

Students experiencing homelessness qualifying as independent on the FAFSA


Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Education issued a Dear Colleague letter clarifying determinations for unaccompanied homeless youth for financial aid. It revises USED policy so that all applicants under age 24, including those who are 22 or 23 years old, and who are unaccompanied and homeless, or self-supporting and at risk of being homeless, qualify for a homeless youth determination and will be considered independent students. 

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